Gerencianet Billet module for WHMCS v 0.2.5 now supports discount coupon

The 0.2.5 version of the Gofas Gerencianet billet for WHMCS introduced an important feature to avoid errors due to discount coupons and items with negative value in the invoice, now items with negative value in the invoice are added to the "Discount on Billet" field (API standard Gerencianet. If you have configured the "discount on…

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16 new templates for Gofas Instant WordPress, improvements and more

Were included in the latest update 16 new templates for your Gofas Instant WordPress! They are available to use and modify the template selector of the "Gofas constructor". For several months, Thomas Melgård of Mint Creation has worked to develop these gorgeous templates, which we are thrilled to make available! Here are the links to…

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New features of the Gerencianet billet module for WHMCS

Update in the Gerencianet module for WHMCS, now no one will stop receiving because of errors in the client's register! In the 0.1.7 version were added two new options and new ways to prevent errors by generating billets due to inconsistency in the customer's registration, check out the new features and the following full description.…

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