Update: module Gofas Gerencianet billet to WHMCS v 1.0.2

We bring a great update to the members of our community, users of the module Gofas Gerencianet billet to WHMCS now rely on the improvements and new features made available to the moment only for our customers, the highlights of version 1.0.2 are the "Custom Discount" feature, where you can determine via custom_fields fixed or percentage discounts for specific customers, another major differential is the new option "validity of Discount", a field in the module settings where you can determine how many Days before maturity discounts are valid. A special thanks to our friends from Gamazon technology who funded these two new features!

Check out the following changes log from version 1.0.2

  • New functionality: Custom discount value. Now you can create a custom_field visible only to admins of WHMCS and determine the value of the customized discount for specific customers. To enable this option and apply the discount to the billet, simply fill in this field with the "display order" of the Client custom field "discount value";
  • New functionality: Custom discount type. As well as the custom discount value quoted above, you can now create a custom field to determine the type of discount that some specific customer will receive in the billet. To enable this option, you need to create a custom_field of type "Options list" with the two discount type options, Real (R $) or percentage (%), after that, simply fill in this field in module settings with the "display order" of the Client custom field " Kind of discount. Use the $ and% signals in the names of the custom_fields options;
  • New functionality: Validity of discount. Now the module has a text field in the settings where it is possible to determine the number of days before maturity, that the discount should be applied, e.g. "Offer discount for payment up to 5 days before maturity";
  • Prevention: Complete reformulation of the module settings screen, with even more explanations, links to more information and tutorials. Optional and mandatory configurations are now differentiated by green and red colors to facilitate understanding and settings were divided into sessions;
  • Diagnostics: Debug now includes more useful information for identifying integration errors;
  • Improvement: Checks were added that prevent possible errors when applying discount to bills, discovered in installations using discount configurations along with fine and interest configurations;
  • Improvement: Now the link to preview the billet opens in a new browser tab, keeping the invoice page open side by side with the billet preview;
  • Improvement: Now the module is able to identify whether the transactions associated with the invoice have been generated in Live mode or Sandbox, transactions generated by other modules are ignored. This option prevents one of the most common errors from the Gerencianet API, the error "attempting to get transaction details, but reported an incorrect charge_id", directly related the wrong way to handle invoices associated with billets;
  • Improvement: Now the module checks the status of the transaction before consuming the Gerencianet API, avoiding the error "Only transactions wit[new]h [link]st[waiting]atus,[unpaid] or can be canceled" returned when the user of the module forgets to delete the transactions associated with the invoice, before generating a new fillet o or by switching the development mode (sandbox) to production (live).

Many other improvements have also been carried out in the "backstage", the code is increasingly efficient, organized and prepared for new upgrades.

Download here version 1.0.2 of the module, if you are already registered and logged in here on the site the download will start automatically, in other cases just register or login to download this and other modules free of charge.

The module Gofas Gerencianet billet to WHMCS is a kindly donated software by us from the Gofas under the GNU 3.0 license, it is important that you understand all the terms and conditions of use of the module. We create this software with lots of love and we will be happy if it is helpful for your business, but we give no warranty of operation and/or support. Enjoy, at your peril.
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