Update: Gerencianet module card for WHMCS v 1.2.1

Today's update of the Gerencianet card module for WHMCS brings great improvements, the highlights of version 1.2.1 are the possibility to allow applying recurring discount and additional checks that determine when signatures will be created, circumventing limitations From the Gerencianet API, for example, the fact that the API does not permit (yet) subscription payments with parcels of different values, i.e. the value of the first paid invoice when activating the subscription on the card, will be the value of all upcoming recurring payments debited Automatically on the customer card.

Before we go to the detailed description, we want to thank the positive feedback we have received from users and all the help of our community.

Gratitude to the Cristian of the light of Webmind, the tests and the excellent descriptions in the topics of the Support forum, which accelerated the identification of several points that needed revision!

Special thanks also to Rodrigo Gomes da Blizhost, which in addition to contributing to his analysis, identifying bugs and topics in the Forum, has actively contributed to suggesting the code that addresses inconsistencies in some operational details, improve security and Module Performance!

The news of version 1.2.1:

  • Added: Recurring Discount. Now the module creates the subscription even if the invoice has a discount. Applies the same discount of the first payment to all future payments;
  • Improved: You can now add credits to invoices, even when the invoice already has a transaction associated with it, in this case, the previous transaction is canceled and a new transaction is created with the updated value. Important: Invoices that have applied credit do not create signatures in the GN API, to prevent the credit rebate from being applied to subsequent payments;
  • Improved: Now discounts are applied to the invoice, even when the invoice already owns a transaction associated with it, in this case, the previous transaction is canceled and a new transaction is created with the updated value. Prevents the error "value-xxxx is less than 0.:/items/1/value". Important: Invoices that have been discounted do not create signatures in the GN API unless the "Recurring discount" option is active, to prevent the discount from being applied to subsequent payments;
  • Improved: Now the module accepts the expiration date of the card in the format mm/yyyy and MM/AA;
  • Improved: Now the module leverages the browser cache for static files, until the module version is upgraded or the browser cache is emptied;
  • Improved: Now the function error_reporting () that forces the WHMCS display all the errors of PHP is triggered only when the "Debug" option is active. Prevents errors in versions of WHMCS greater than 7.1 when the module is activated along with the native payment module via credit card;
  • Improved: Greater spacing between the images of the card flags to make the layout of the payment form more pleasant;
  • Improved: Now the callback displays the full server response in the "notifications" session of the GN API Control Panel only when the debug option is active;
  • Improved: Now the module prevents the error "attempting to get details of the transaction, but reported an incorrect charge_id" When the invoice has transactions generated by other modules or by switching the "development" mode to "production" and vice versa;
  • Improved: Now the module adds a prefix to the IDs of the transactions recorded in WHMCS that identifies the module that created the transaction + mode (production or development) + periodicity (payment once or recurring) + Status of the transaction (new, waiting, paid or unpaid) + ID of the Transaction registered in the Gerencianet API;
  • Improved: Now the module adds a prefix to the "IDs of the Register" (signature ID/{$subscription _ id}) of the products/services with active subscription, which identifies the module + ID of the subscription registered in the Gerencianet API.


Like? Download here the latest version of the module, if you are already registered and logged in, the download will start automatically, if you have not registered, by clicking on the download link simply fill in the name and email to download this and other modules free.

The Gerencianet card module for WHMCS is a kindly donated software by us of Gofas under the GNU License 3.0, it is important that you understand all the terms and conditions of use of the module.

Important: We create this software with lots of love and we will be happy if it is helpful for your business, as well as it is for ours, but we give no warranty of operation and support.

If this module is useful for your business, leave your feedback on the module page.

For help, see the user-maintained free support forum.

If you want to hire customizations or new features for the module, or yet, hire the development of new modules and resources for your WHMCS or WordPress, contact us, we are ready to help you!

Gratitude and up to the next post with more amazing novelties!

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