Hosting quota Notifications for WHMCS

Converting withdrawal to upgrade with the new module Hosting Quota Notifications for WHMCS.

We Gofas in partnership with the Adentro created an addon module to help keep your hosting customers satisfied, and transform possible withdrawals into valuable upgrades.

Who sells CPanel hosting through Whmcs knows that, when reaching the limits of disk space and bandwidth, the WHMCS blocks the uploads and/or traffic or excess Cobra, depending on the choices of the admin when configuring the hosting plans.

Surely your client would not be happy to receive an error message at the time of upload or try to access your site and realize that the same is offline, because your limits exceeded the quotas of the traffic transfer, imagine now in his stead You wouldn’t be happy either, would you?

There are those comprehensive customers who open a ticket asking what happened or, the smartest ones who understand the case and check their hosting account, maybe excluding some files to release space or, who knows how to stop an advertisement to decrease traffic (will be?). Of course these are very unlikely choices to happen, in reality, is the most optimistic view that a hosting server owner can expect, if you’re one, you know what I’m talking about.

The most probable attitudes of your client to an additional blocking or billing situation without prior notice to your account will be:

1) The client will migrate to the host of his competitor, will never come back and will still speak ill of his service for as many people as possible, because we know well that complain is more common than to thank;

2) The customer will trigger the indignant and threat-filled support, will require changes and quote that the system is inefficient, and blah, blah, blah.

These are the two most common actions, but the creativity evil of a customer with blood in the eyes goes beyond, complain here to the threat of death is a step, hehehe.

WHO provides support knows, that time and energy invested with customer service, elaborating educated responses and compelling arguments to inhibit withdrawal, may order more effort and investment than the system’s own infrastructure.

But what if there is a way to convert withdrawal to upgrade? A system that anticipates the negative actions of the client and simply take it to hire larger plans in a natural and automatic way, knowing that your business is growing and it is time to invest more, something that will refer to the professionalism and transparency of your company generating more Recipe? Interesting, don’t you think?

This is the basic idea of the module Gofas quota notifications for WHMCS: Convert withdrawals into upgrades!

The settings are very simple and intuitive, after the administrator installs and activates the module, it is time to set the time the client will receive the notification that is about to burst its quotas, example: when reaching 95% of disk space usage and 90% usage width D And band, the customer receives email with the notification, which leads directly to the upgrade of their plan.

The module provides merge tags for your email templates, informing with percentage accuracy and in MB the use of the account, plus a tag that automatically generates a direct link to the service-specific upgrade page of the contract.

You will have the utmost freedom to formulate the text of the notifications by using your own email template. See screenshots and video to understand more.

Gratitude, see you soon!

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