Update: Gerencianet module card for WHMCS v 1.2.1

Today's update of the Gerencianet card module for WHMCS brings great improvements, the highlights of version 1.2.1 are the possibility to allow applying recurring discount and additional checks that determine when signatures will be created, circumventing limitations From the Gerencianet API, for example, the fact that the API does not permit (yet) subscription payments with…

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Update: module Gofas Gerencianet billet to WHMCS v 1.0.2

We bring a great update to the members of our community, users of the module Gofas Gerencianet billet to WHMCS now rely on the improvements and new features made available to the moment only for our customers, the highlights of version 1.0.2 are the "Custom Discount" feature, where you can determine via custom_fields fixed or…

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